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16 January 2008 @ 06:02 pm
ZY [zi:] Vol. 35 Part I  
Sorry, but this is only 75% of the article...I'll translate the rest later, but I couldn't help but post it right now, ahaha...

Stabbing for it!
~Means All of Love and Hate~

-- I apologize for interviewing you right after your return from New York, you must be tired (laugh)

Ruki: I will answer in a low tension manner (laugh)

-- We've been told that you've spent the final session mastering in New York, what were your impressions upon hearing the record?

Aoi: I thought it was good.

Ruki: You could say that the sound was very fresh. It is completely different from Japan.

Aoi: In Japan, it sounds as though we're forcefully dragging out the sound, but in New York, I liked how the sound was much more musically free. I learned a lot, too.

Ruki: We really did learn a lot. At first, before going to New York, I always thought that I'd never want to go (laugh). But there's a huge contrast between having gone and not going at all.

-- Lately, Gazette's sound has been pretty deep. In that sense, it's good that you were able to do the mastering in New York.

Ruki: First, we were able to confirm that foreigners generally prefer a thicker sound. After hearing it, I realized that what Japanese people consider thick isn't what foreigners think.

Aoi: If I were to say that we couldn't do it Japan so we had to come to NY, everyone would agree saying, "That's right!"

-- Starting from last year's single 「FILTH IN THE BEAUTY」, it seems as though an R&B and hip hop mixture has been accomplished here.

Ruki: That's true. You can feel it from the first song.

-- On the other hand, you have a lot of fresh songs. 「CALM ENVY」or 「GENTLE LIE」have adult flavors. Especially the guitar emanates an adult atmosphere.

Aoi: We have become adults towards are goal. Our lyrics also don't fall away from this adult feeling.

-- After everything, it seems the production of this album took a long time.

Ruki: We simply did as we were told, but it turned out like this.

Aoi: The puripuro (where the vocals and instrumentals temporarily come together) took longer and longer. And with each and every lyric, because it didn't match the writer's image, it took more time. For example, with 「ガンジスに紅い薔薇」(ganjisu ni akai bara), we had to start over from the beginning.

Ruki: Really (laugh) ,「ガンジスに紅い薔薇」took the longest time.

-- Of the most difficult pieces, which would you pick as the most impressive?

Aoi: If I were to choose, 「CIRCLE OF SWINDLER」. That was a hard fight.

-- Oh? Even from the prodigy Aoi-kun? (laugh)

Aoi: I fought hard! Anyway it was fast! We wanted to put in a lot of different lyrics (so we tried to take out the ones we didn't need), but in the end we didn't take out anything. There were a lot of parts I didn't understand myself, and we redid it a number of times. In the end, we figured simplicity was the best attack, but on the other hand it turned out to be a cool song.

-- Looking back, it's a good memory.

Aoi: It is a good memory. I learned fairly a lot. It's like I gained an effect* (laugh) -- *like a level up in a video game

Ruki: For me, it was like that with 「AGONY」

-- Ooh~! It's because this song has impact.

Aoi: 「AGONY」is very cool. If possible I would like to make a PV, and say you can dance to it.

-- Right right, surprisingly you can dance to the GazettE's song. Freely ride the rhythm.

Ruki: That's true. This is not just visual kei, I want various people to listen to it.

Aoi: Even a New Yorker liked it.

Ruki: It seems as though that side (America) likes this kind of system.

Aoi: We asked them which song they liked best and they said 「AGONY」

But we were like, that's it?! (laugh)

-- By the way, it seems the album title 「STACKED RUBBISH」 was decided quite early.

Ruki: We usually don't think about an album right after putting out a single. However, this time, we even found the jacket image. We got it from the abandoned building mania. (laugh)

-- Which one is it? (Browsing the manager's computer for images). How dark!

Ruki: It's really ominous. It's located in Iwate. We were actually thinking of visiting.

Aoi: I hate the ruins.

-- And here I thought you were a band that suited ruins like these. (laugh) Then, does it mean that you designed the songs to conform to this image?

Ruki: No, well, that's not it.

-- To start, the concert at Yokohama Arena is a huge achievement, and the upcoming album is being highly anticipated. Do you feel any pressure at all?

Aoi: (To Ruki) Did you ever feel pressured that to produce something really good?

Ruki: Well, I always thought to produce something that I like. So usually I can't seem to meet the fan's expectations. (laugh)

-- Is that right? I didn't think so.....

Ruki: If you tell me that it is "good," there would be no reason for me to deny it, on the other hand, it might be good to be lied to about those things.

Aoi: We've heard opinions saying, "We were really into the music and like it a lot."  But I think that's a good thing.

Magazine scanned by rukyo at jrock_scans.
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M I K Aiam_mika on January 17th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :)

For the more complicated sentences, first I try to get the literal sense, but often times it's worded really awkwardly. So then I'll fix it without losing any meaning ^^
hyena_666hyena_666 on January 25th, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translating ! I love reading Gazette interviews :)

When translations are confusing and too literal I don't understand the details just the subject x|
I think the important is the readers to understand the meaning, what it is said, so even if you use your own words that's ok. Moreover there are times when a literal translation has absolutely no sense !
So you're doing very well ^^